As million dollar deals and billion dollar statistics steal the pet care services industry financial headlines today, the Annual Pet Care Services Financial Survey, now in its third year, offers practical, real-world numbers and insight for pet care services providers.

This past spring, IBPSA, in conjunction with pet care business consultant Crystal Canine, commissioned the survey of pet care services business owners based on their 2016 financials. What did the analysis of financial data provided by 106 pet care services providers from five countries reveal? What did your industry colleagues report? How much are they making? How much are they spending? How do they compare to your financials? Where is the industry headed? Get all the answers you need to know in this seminal report.

The Annual Pet Care Services Financial Survey Report can help you manage expectations and possibly avoid mistakes with:

  • Pricing guidance
  • Discount guidance
  • Insight on potential success for new services you may be considering
  • What you should expect to pay yourself
  • If you’re a new business, how you should expect your staff to scale as you grow and expected turnover
  • What others are paying their staff and providing as typical employee benefits

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Want to dive even deeper? If you didn't purchase last year's Annual Pet Care Services Financial Survey Report, it is still available. What went up? What went down? For more on purchasing last year's report, click here.