IBPSA was established to support the pet care services industry in all aspects of pet care operations, including Risk Management & Safety.

To help our IBPSA Members adhere to best practices in this area at their pet care facility, our Risk Management & Safety Facility Certification Program (“the Program”) is designed to:

  • Provide a professional and credible way for facility owners to identify appropriate, proven Risk Management & Safety best practices that are recognized by insurance carriers to assist in loss control
  • Offer a cost-effective way to improve facility Risk Management & Safety programs, thereby reducing losses which will have a positive impact on insurance premium costs
  • Provide a certifiably safe environment for staff and pets, also ensuring confidence in your customers that their pets are in one of the safest places possible
  • Help you differentiate your business from others in your advertising and marketing to attract more customers

The Program, available only to IBPSA Members, is managed by IBPSA’s Certification Committee in coordination with a seasoned, professional Risk Management & Safety consultant working with participating facilities.

To learn more about the Program, contact membership@ibpsa.com.