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Body Language & Communication

The Complete List of Calming Signals
Calming Signals
Body Language Basics
Safe Greetings
Guide to Aggression Types
What is Resource Guarding?
Nose-to-Tail Check
Predatory Motor Patterns
What is Normal Behavior?
What is Sociability?
Canine Scent Communication
Canine Sound Communication
Are Dogs Really Wolves?
Defining Dominance: Myths vs. Realities
Fear, Anxiety & Phobia Defined
Arousal & Threshold
Bite Levels: What They Are & What They Mean
Reading Body Language in a Fearful Dog
Reading Body Language of Arousal & Aggression
Hump Day: Why Dogs Mount & What to Do About It
What is Socialization?
Why Dogs Bark
How to Deal with Barking

Handling & Equipment

Introduction to Safe Handling
Safe Handling: Equipment
Equipment 101: Collars
Equipment 101: Harnesses
Equipment 101: Leashes
Top 10 Tips for the Perfect Dog Walking Visit
Intro to Appropriate Daycare Play & Rest
Top 10 Tips for Running the Perfect Playgroup
Encountering Off-Leash Dogs on a Walk
Summer Safety Guide
Top 10 Tips for the Perfect Boarding Stay
Winter Safety Guide
How to Hold a Leash
When the Worst Happens: What to Do If A Bite Occurs
Carabiners: The Perfect Tool for Every Pet Pro
Lost Dog Protocol
Water Safety for Dogs

How Dogs Learn

How Dogs Learn: The Basics
How Dogs Learn: Classical Conditioning
How Dogs Learn: Operant Conditioning
How Dogs Learn: Why We Use Positive Reinforcement

Teaching Basic Behaviors

Teaching Basic Behaviors: Sit
Teaching Basic Behaviors: Down
Teaching Basic Behaviors: Touch
Teaching Basic Behaviors: Watch Me
Teaching Basic Behaviors: Drop It
What is Management?
Guide to Management Tools
Doorway Management
Guide to Housetraining
Jumping Up: What It Is & How to Handle It
The Humane Hierarchy
Canine Enrichment: How to Keep Fido Fulfilled
Introduction to Loose-Leash Walking
Leash Walking: Troubleshooting
A Quick Guide to Polite Greetings
Counterconditioning & Desensitization


Why Know the Breed?
Breed Group Overview: Hound
Breed Group Overview: Sporting
Breed Group Overview: Working
Breed Group Overview: Terrier
Breed Group Overview: Toy
Breed Group Overview: Non-Sporting
Breed Group Overview: Herding
Top 10 Dog Breeds

Development & Health

Canine Development Cheat Sheet
Canine Development: Neonatal Period
Canine Development: Transition Period
Canine Development: Socialization Period
Canine Development: Juvenile Period
Canine Development: Adolescence
Canine Development: Maturity
Canine Development: Senior Dogs
Canine Development: Senior Dogs
First Aid Triage for Dog Walkers & Sitters
Foods That Are Dangerous to Dogs
Bloat: What It Is, How to Recognize It and What to Do
Guide to Canine Vaccines
Relative Age of Dogs in Human Years
Guide to Common Intestinal Parasites
Guide to Common External Parasites
Administering Medication: How to Give a Dog a Pill
Heatstroke: What It Is, How to Recognize It & What to Do
Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex
Guidelines for Proper Food Storage


The Dog Walker’s Toolkit
The Dog Trainer’s Toolkit
The Dog Daycare Toolkit
The Dog Groomer’s Toolkit

Customer Service & Management

Customer Service Basics
New Client Meet & Greet Checklist
How to Increase Staff Retention
Top 10 Tips for Great Communication with Clients
Making a Great First Impression
Top 10 Tips for Handling Difficult Clients
How to Talk About Your Competition
How to Talk to Clients About FetchFind
New Hire Onboarding Checklist
Going Above & Beyond
Classifying Your Staff: Independent Contractors vs. Employees
Putting Your Best Paw Forward: Choosing the Right Photos to Share

Feline Fundamentals

The ABCs of C-A-T
Insights into the Five Feline Senses
How to Properly Greet a Cat
How Cats Communicate with People
How Cats Communicate With Cats
How Cats Communicate with Dogs
Explaining the Cat Face Geometry Theory
What to Do If You’re Bitten or Scratched
How to Safely Break Up a Cat Fight
Guide to Two Towel-Wrapping Techniques
Proper Litter Box Cleaning
The Inside Scoop on Litter Box Types
People Foods That Are Dangerous to Cats
All About Hairballs
Tips for Proper Food Storage
Nose-to-Tail Wellness Check
Administering Medication: Pills
Administering Medication: Liquids
How to Trim a Cat’s Nails
How to Safely Transport a Cat in Your Vehicle
Tips for Cats Staying in Hotels


Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Cleaning Protocols

Safely Handling Bleach
How to Fill a Mop Bucket

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