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Want to know what IBPSA Members and others in the pet care services industry are saying about our association?

“I’ve learned a ton! Seems like daily there’s something that will help me and my little biz.”
– Lisa, pet care facility owner/operator, Minnesota

“It took my husband and I almost 3 and a half years to develop, design and build TailBanger’s Pet Resort. We finally opened our doors 2/23/18. Without all the resources, mentoring and support I don’t think we would have ever come this far and received so many 5-stars from our clients. You all are amazing.”
– Barbara, pet care facility owner/manager, Pennsylvania

“I love IBPSA and all that you all do!”
– Caroline, attorney (pet care plans/trusts), Florida

“I’m happy to be a member of IBPSA. I’ve been a member of two pet sitter associations in the past but have never been completely happy with what they have to offer.”
– Morgan, pet sitting services owner, Texas

“During my career as a public relations professional I’ve belonged to a number of professional organizations and served on several boards. I recognize and appreciate the value of well-run associations and the contribution they make to the industries they serve. Our membership with IBPSA has been of great value to us and to our business — to the professional growth of our staff; the elevation of business standards and best practices; and increased knowledge of our industry. We really appreciate the professionalism of IBPSA, and the diligence with which you approach your mission to support and help improve the industry. “
– Sherry, pet care facility community relations/marketing, Texas

“I am thrilled to have received my certificate and decal in the mail today. I must say you have done a wonderful job and everything is being framed and proudly displayed in our Reservation Office. I must say that after providing pet care in our area for thirteen years I was getting a little complacent. Joining IBPSA and studying for the certification exams has re-ignited my passion and given me a fresh spark. Thank you for that!”
– Deborah, pet care facility owner/operator, Ontario

“We have enjoyed our IBPSA membership, our General Managers have listened in on the webinars on several occasions. The conference was fun and informative last year and I plan on sending a few of our ‘Pack’ members again this year.”
– Michael, pet care facility manager, Virginia

“I can already see that joining IBPSA has been one of the very best decisions I have made with regard to my new business venture. I began viewing the first webinar of 2019 and will peruse the additional resources per your recommendations. I can feel your dedication to the success of the membership family you are serving and appreciate you for reaching out. I am very pleased to be a member of IBPSA and affiliated with you.”
– Sheri, future pet care facility owner, Texas

“Very excited to be a member of your great organization!”
– Suzie, pet sitting and dog walking services owner, Utah

“I have loved the webinars, magazine articles, and if course my buddies at IBPSA! Proud of the awesome job you have all done, elevating our industry to higher standards. Mucho thanks!”
– Suzanne, pet care facility general manager, Texas

“IBPSA has proven to be an invaluable asset to our organization.”
– Stephanie, pet care facility owner, operator, New Brunswick