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Heroes for Healthy Pets: Infectious Disease Management Certification Program

Prioritize Pet Health: Join the Certification Program Today!

Your reputation is paramount. Demonstrate your commitment to infectious disease control and prevention through participation in the Heroes for Healthy Pets: Infectious Disease Management Certification Program.

Sponsored by IBPSA, the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA), and Pet Sitters International, this certification program is tailored to assist pet care businesses in maintaining a disease-free environment. In 2016, a panel of leading infectious disease experts formulated a consensus statement outlining best practices for pet care and safety within businesses such as pet boarding facilities, veterinary practices, doggie daycares, dog walking services, grooming salons, and training facilities. The Certification Program undergoes updates every three years to ensure its freshness and alignment with current laws.

To stay competitive in the expanding pet care market, professionals must prioritize the health of pets.  The Infectious Disease Management Certification Program encompasses these best practices, focusing on sanitation and the prevention of infectious disease transmission. Certification needs to be renewed by the pet care provider every 5 years.

Participation is FREE, but Registration is Mandatory.

Understanding Infectious Disease

The Infectious Disease Management Certification Program delves into the common transmissible diseases affecting dogs, including CIRDC (canine infectious respiratory disease complex, encompassing dog flu), Leptospirosis, Parvo, and Distemper. Through educational presentations, participants will gain insights into the incidence rates of these diseases, recognize clinical signs of illness in dogs, and understand prevention strategies. The program also addresses the management of outbreaks in group environments like pet boarding facilities and doggie daycares, offering guidance on vaccination and sanitation protocols.

How to Get Certified

  • Register to Attend or Take the Course Online
  • Secure your spot in the seminar or opt for online access.
    Pass the Certification Exam
  • Demonstrate your understanding of infectious disease management principles.
  • Safeguard both your business and your clientele by becoming a certified Heroes for Healthy Pets® facility. When adorned with the Heroes for Healthy Pets® certificate, your establishment sends a clear message to clients: prioritizing pet health is paramount. Apply for this infectious disease management certificate once a minimum of 50% of your staff has successfully completed the program. Upon approval, you’ll receive a comprehensive welcome packet containing digital promotional materials and a certificate, proudly affirming your dedication to maintaining a disease-free, secure environment for pets.
  • Print and display your certificate
  • Enroll in the Heroes for Healthy Pets: Infectious Disease Management Certification Program today and safeguard your business against infectious disease outbreaks while prioritizing the well-being of the pets in your care.