Paycheck Protection Program Loan (PPP Loans) Forgiveness

On Friday, May 22, 2020, the Small Business Administration (SBA) released two Interim Final Rules related to the Paycheck Protection Program Loan (PPP Loans) forgiveness. One focused on borrowers and the other focused on lenders. This article will provide an overview of each rule.

Safe Practices For Reopening

With such restrictions beginning to lift, you may be faced with difficult questions that must be addressed before reopening. We have put together a list of safety recommendations as you being to reopen your facility.

April 4
COVID-19 Small Business Remote Legal Clinic

A nationwide program provided by Lawyers for Good Government to help small businesses affected by COVID-19.

April 3 - IBPSA Member Webinar
"Legalities of a Tough Situation - COVID19"

Discussions with Don Phin, Esq. will cover information about the Paycheck Protection Program Loan (PPPL) and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) and current law around employees with the most recent COVID-19 law.

April 3
PPP helpful documents

PPP Fact sheet along with the Application. Each bank may request different information

April 3
FFCRA helpful documents

FFCRA has a required poster that needs to be displayed. You may print out and place in a high traffic area of your company.

FFCRA Leave request form. This is a generic form that we are asking employee’s to fill out if they need to utilize the Paid Sick Leave or the Emergency Family Leave related to COVID-19.

March 27
Understanding the Historic $2 Trillion Stimulus Package

Our friends at Lone Star PEO have put together all of the details from the US stimulus package that was approved today.

IBPSA Infectious Disease Control Recommended Checklist

We have put together a checklist to help keep you, your employees, your clients, and your facility as safe as possible during this time.

March 18 - Facebook Live
"What Vet and Pet Care Professionals Need to Know"

In this session we learned the science behind the virus and how we need to protect our employees. Many questions were answered about where the virus originated. Current understanding of how the virus spreads and stays on surfaces was also discussed. IBPSA partnered with Vet Candy on this Facebook Live

March 17 - Webinar
"What Business Owners Need To Know About Covid-19 & Employees"

In this session we discuss steps that a business owner needs to take as it relates to their employees, Todd Newton, IBPSA PEO. OSHA and CDC recommendations and requirements are also discussed.

March 16 - Facebook Live "Stop The Panic"

Jessica Finnegan discusses steps that facility owners can take to protect their businesses and employees. Questions from the pet care industry were addressed and best practices were reinforced. IBPSA is proud to have Jessica as a Board Member and an active part of daily life in our industry.

March 12 - Webinar
"Coronavirus And What The Pet Industry Needs To Know"

How to handle our facilities and the questions you are receiving from your clients amidst the coronavirus fears. Annette Uda and Jessica Finnegan will be joining us to help you navigate your business and employees during this time.

Employee Retention Credit

The IRS has created the ERC to help cover those businesses that either did not qualify or were unable to obtain a PPP loan. “The ERC is a refundable payroll credit of up to 50% of “eligible wages” paid between March 12, 2020, and December 31, 2020. The credit is capped at $5,000 per employee ($10,000 of eligible wages).”

World Health Organization

Follow along with the WHO as they monitor and give updated information.

Tax Aspects Of The CARES Act- 3/27

Congress Reaches Agreement On A Coronavirus Relief Package: Tax Aspects Of The CARES Act (US).

Small Business Payroll Protection Program in CARES Act - 3/27

The following is via the Boise Metro Chamber is highlighting what small business owners can expect in the CARES Act.

Tax Aspects Of The CARES Act (US) - 3/25

A nation desperate for any reason for optimism got just that on Wednesday evening…

New Details on Senate Small Business Relief Bill - 3/18

Update on the U.S. Relief Bill via the NSBA.

IBPSA recently surveyed our members about how their facilities have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We heard from 108 individual facilities in the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Malaysia, impacting close to 1600 employees.

Of those facilities who responded, most have either temporarily closed their facility, or are operating at about 10% capacity or less. The majority have either laid-off or furloughed employees. With rare exceptions, all boarding has been cancelled. In some areas, facilities have been getting by with offering grooming services, unless a shutdown declares them to be non-essential. Daycares are seeing fewer and fewer dogs, and some have even temporarily relaxed admission standards and temperament testing.

For those facilities who remain open, they have all implemented strict social distancing protocols, such as curbside pickup/drop-off, online payments, or utilization gated areas for no-contact transfers. Some facilities are also offering shuttle services or pickup/drop off by appointment only.

Cleaning protocols have also been enhanced to include personal protective equipment (gloves, masks, etc), contact-less payments, and utilization of facility slip leads/leashes only.

But even through the uncertainty, and the unsettling decisions that are having to be made, there is some wonderful creativity happening! We hope that you can gain some inspiration from your fellow pet care providers, and maybe one of these ideas will help you as well:

  • Gift Certificates or pre-paid packages for future visits
  • Curbside services
  • Shuttle services
  • Help out your local shelter by taking in overflow
  • Online training classes for your clients and their pets
  • Delivery of enrichment packages to clients’ homes
  • Sponsorship programs to pay for care of first responder/front line workers’ pets
  • Birthday parties
  • Free daycare trials
  • Facebook live enrichment activity of the day
  • Obedience challenges for clients to do at home with their pet
  • Daily social media engagement
  • Online retail stores
  • Door to door drop off of retail purchases
  • Discounts for essential workers
  • One-on-one training
  • If you have fenced land, offer a private dog park
  • Stay in communication with your clients
  • Have employees participate in online training and certifications

There is also a lot of optimism. Being shut down, or even at greatly reduced capacity is giving many facilities the chance to tackle some projects that have been on the back burner:

  • Deep cleaning (many facility owners are cleaning out storage closets)
  • Landscaping
  • Painting
  • Install security cameras
  • Fence repairs
  • Update marketing materials/create marketing plan
  • Policy manual updates
  • Update software
  • Update website
  • Reading business management books
  • Update financials for SBA loans, or other federal assistance that may be forthcoming
  • And finally, a reminder to turn off the tv and get outside if you can; take time for self care