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Introducing the IBPSA Master Business Academy


At IBPSA, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our newest resource: the IBPSA Master Business Academy, a cutting-edge program based on an MBA curriculum and tailored for businesses in the pet care services industry. In partnership with GoalMakers, we have crafted a unique blend of networking and learning opportunities aimed at empowering pet care service providers to become better managers and improve their bottom line.

What is the IBPSA Master Business Academy (IBPSA MBA)?

The IBPSA Master Business Academy (IBPSA MBA) is an intensive 10-week, fully virtual training program modeled on the curriculum of an executive MBA, but streamlined for maximum impact. The program covers three core areas essential for business success:

  • Organizational Leadership. Develop your vision, set goals, and create strategic plans to guide your business towards long-term success.
  • People Management. Master the art of hiring, establish effective management systems, and adopt leadership styles that resonate with your team.
  • Financial Mastery. Gain a deeper understanding of your financial statements and learn how to improve them to boost your business’s profitability.

This program is tailored for both new and experienced pet care business leaders. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your skills, the IBPSA MBA provides the tools and knowledge you need to better understand the financial aspects of your business, empower your team, serve your customers, and streamline your hiring process. The curriculum is designed to be immediately applicable, allowing you to see tangible improvements in real-time.

Who Should Enroll in the IBPSA MBA Program?

This program is ideal for those already in management roles, as well as those who are new to management and seasoned leaders within their organizations. It has been specifically designed for IBPSA Members, including the owners, managers, and operators of pet boarding facilities, veterinary practices, training and grooming businesses, and much more.

How Does the Program Work?

We understand that as a busy pet care professional, your time is valuable. With over 350 interactive self-paced eLearning modules, you can access this program anywhere and anytime, fitting it seamlessly into your schedule. This flexibility ensures that you can continue to work full-time while enhancing your business management skills.

However, the IBPSA MBA is not just about learning—it’s also about connecting. This program offers a social learning experience in which you’ll have the opportunity to network, learn from, and share experiences with your peers from across the country. A key part of this experience involves bi-weekly live facilitations with our experts to discuss the material you’re learning, as well as breakout rooms to implement and gain feedback from your peers. Engage with fellow pet care industry leaders, exchange ideas, and build relationships that can support your professional growth long after the program ends.

By the end of the course, you will have acquired the skills, knowledge, and resources needed to drive your business forward. You will also receive a Certificate of Completion from the IBPSA Master Business Academy, which can be proudly displayed as a digital badge on LinkedIn and other professional platforms.

We are excited to launch the IBPSA MBA program on October 10, 2024, with special early bird pricing now available! Visit to learn more and get ready to invest in your professional development and the future success of your business.