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May 22, 2024
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Create a More Comfortable Environment for Pets with Fear Free® Certifications

For many animals, trips to the vet’s office, boarding facility, or other pet care facility can trigger significant stress and anxiety, creating an unpleasant experience for both the pets and their owners. Established with a mission to prevent and alleviate these fearful feelings, our friends at Fear Free® offer online education for veterinary professionals, pet care services professionals, animal welfare communities, and pet owners. At IBPSA, we were proud to assist with creating Fear Free’s curriculum for pet boarding and daycare facilities to ensure that it equips facilities with the information they need to maximize the wellbeing of the pets in their care.

What is Fear Free?

Launched in 2016 by Dr. Marty Becker—affectionately known as “America’s Veterinarian”—and developed by hundreds of experts in animal behavior, medicine, and handling, Fear Free provides science-based, behavior-led strategies to prevent and reduce fear, anxiety, and stress for pets worldwide. Featuring programs and courses designed to equip pet care professionals and pet owners with the knowledge and tools needed to properly look after an animal’s physical and emotional wellbeing, Fear Free has evolved into one of the most groundbreaking initiatives in the history of companion animal practice.

Fear Free Boarding & Daycare Individual Certification Program

Created with the understanding that boarding and daycare facilities are full of potential stressors for pets, this certification program helps individual pet care providers ensure that they are thoughtful in every interaction with pets—from greetings to kennel introductions to overexuberance or shyness. The curriculum covers foundational concepts and practical advice on topics ranging from animal body language to Fear Free fundamentals to handling physical care and stress-induced illness.

Obtaining a Fear Free Boarding and Daycare Certification can enhance your business in numerous ways, with benefits including:

  • A calmer, more enjoyable boarding experience for pets, even those who may be shy or easily stressed.
  • Prevention of stress-induced illness, thereby ensuring healthier, happier pets.
  • Fewer behavior problems, such as jumping, gate crashing, and leash pulling.
  • Reduced risk of injuries to both pets and staff members.
  • Enhanced value for customers as they recognize that their beloved animals are content at your facility.
  • Powerful networking and marketing opportunities—the Fear Free movement is rapidly sweeping through all facets of the pet care industry, with Fear Free certifications increasingly recognized as a gold standard of care. By becoming a part of this community, you will distinguish your business from the competition and connect with a growing network of like-minded pet care professionals.

In addition to these and other benefits, the Fear Free Boarding & Daycare Individual Certification Program is approved for 6 CEUs from the Professional Animal Care Certification Council (PACCC), representing an excellent opportunity to keep your team adequately trained and certified.

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