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March 11, 2024
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Accelerate Your Team’s Success with the AdaptivEdge Readiness Survey

For employers in the pet care services industry, a well-trained, skilled staff is crucial for ensuring the safety and well-being of pets and the success of the business. In seeking innovative ways to help our Members empower their teams and raise the bar for pet care excellence, IBPSA is excited to introduce the AdaptivEdge Readiness Survey. This comprehensive tool provides a solution for assessing and enhancing the capability, confidence, and readiness of your team members to increase their knowledge and skills, thereby yielding an array of benefits for businesses.

What is AdaptivEdge?

The AdaptivEdge Readiness Survey is based on adaptive learning, an interactive training approach that uses technology to tailor learning content and experience to the needs of individuals through learning pathways, effective feedback, and access to supplemental resources at the point of need. In contrast to a one-size-fits-all curriculum, employees receive an individualized learning plan (ILP) targeted to their specific needs, strengths, and learning preferences.

The Readiness Survey serves as a powerful training tool that measures users’ current knowledge and levels of confidence, helping to identify areas for improvement and support your team’s ongoing development. This versatile platform is equipped with several different applications designed to assess task and job readiness and identify your staff’s current and future training needs.

How Can Pet Care Businesses Use the AdaptivEdge Readiness Survey?

Pet care services businesses may find numerous potential uses for the AdaptivEdge Readiness Survey, including:

  • Onboarding. When training new hires, this platform can help you assess and leverage their existing skills and knowledge and pinpoint training needs, which can reduce training time, material usage, and costs.
  • Optimize Training Efforts. The Readiness Survey features a “Before, During, After Model (BDA)” designed to reinforce training, enhance knowledge retention, and determine the effectiveness of training delivery. The platform can also be used to support ongoing training and development and formalize internal trainer training/certification processes.
  • Re-skilling, Cross-training, and Up-skilling. Provide learning paths within the company for individuals seeking new job or career opportunities, cover work/tasks during labor shortages or scheduling gaps, and foster continuous skill development, thereby enabling employees to grow into their roles.
  • Compliance checks. Ensure that staff members are compliant with the necessary standards and requirements for your business.
  • Facility Certifications. The AdaptivEdge Readiness Survey can integrate with IBPSA’s Risk Management & Facility Safety Certification, Species-Specific Training, and Infectious Disease Certification.

Benefits of AdaptivEdge

The versatility of the AdaptivEdge Readiness Survey means it can seamlessly integrate into your organization’s existing training and development programs, thereby offering an array of benefits including:

  • Time and Labor Savings. The Readiness Survey can enable your business to significantly reduce the time and labor associated with training—for candidates or new hires with solid job experience, training time can be reduced by up to 60%. Even for those with part-time experience, you can achieve reductions of 20% to 30%, depending on the extent of a new hire’s experience.
  • Enhanced Performance. By tailoring training materials to each user’s needs and fostering ongoing development, the Readiness Survey will ensure that your team is performing optimally.
  • Improved Employee Retention and Growth. Use the Readiness Survey to provide clear career paths within your business, improving job satisfaction and retention and ensuring that high-quality employees will grow with your organization.

In the rapidly evolving pet care services industry, the AdaptivEdge Readiness Survey offers a novel approach to optimizing employee training, fostering continuous learning, and driving organizational success. By harnessing this tool, employers can not only improve team performance but also enhance overall business outcomes, ensuring that they are well-positioned to provide the highest quality of care for pets and service for pet owners. For more information about how this tool can work for your business, visit!