Pet Care Pro Quarterly (Q3 2020)
July 24, 2020
Pet Care Pro Quarterly (Q1 2021)
February 8, 2021

New IBPSA Infectious Disease Standards

IBPSA, PetAirapy, and Virox Animal Health are proud to present the Infectious Disease Standards for the boarding, daycare and grooming industry.

The information provided in these standards comes from publications on infection control and prevention in veterinary practices and dog group settings, along with published university and field research studies on animal care infection control. All of these documents were created by independent experts in the field of animal infectious diseases with a specific focus on locations where high levels of contact between animals and people have led to disease spread and outbreaks. These Standards are refined recommendations that contain the practices and actions best suited to reduce the introduction and spread of infectious diseases in grooming, daycare and boarding facilities.

Standards Include:

  • General Standards
  • Animal Housing Standards
  • Vaccination Standards
  • Cleaning and Disinfection Standards
  • Hygiene Standards
  • Work Clothing Standards
  • Insect, Parasite, Stray and Wildlife Control Standards
  • Animal Food and Water Standards
  • Housing and Play Standards
  • Reporting Suspected/Confirmed Infections Standards