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October 9, 2019
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October 29, 2019

Real World Lifesaving Education: An IBPSA Member Story

IBPSA recently received this real world tale of how education from the association helped save the life of this IBPSA Member’s furry guest:

“Hunter, a young black Lab, checked in on a weekday morning and proceeded to play in his playgroup. Hunter had been with us only one time before and showed signs of a little separation anxiety. This morning, however, he was playing fetch with the rest of his playgroup. When it was time to come in, our Pet Care Associate (PCA) brought him to the front desk area because he had started to drool excessively and was whining a little bit.

“At the front desk area he walking around a bit, drooling, and whining. At first we all thought it was anxiety but, because his behavior went from playing to this, that alerted us something wasn’t right. We looked him over and then got out the IBPSA “What You Need to Know About Bloat” brochure and looked up the symptoms online. Within this 10-minute time span, Hunter was now lying on the floor moaning. We immediately called the vet and told them the symptoms and they said bring him in immediately. We did, they took x-rays, and within one minute Hunter was in emergency surgery!

“Because of IBPSA’s training and educational resources, we were able to save this dog’s life! We were all relieved when we got the news that he was out of surgery and doing great! He went home from the vet and made a full recovery and has since boarded with us and received extra pets and loves from our staff!”

IBPSA Members can download the “What You Need to Know About Bloat” for free from the Online Store in your IBPSA Member dashboard.