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October 19, 2017
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8 Must-Do Human Resources Activities for Year End

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by Lori Kleiman

It’s that time of year already. Before you know it we’ll be moving into 2018. Don’t let the year get away from you without tackling the following HR activities.

  1. W2 preparation – Review your payroll system and be sure all data is entered and accurate for this year. Double check that you have current employee addresses and that you’ve entered all data for imputed income. This is often personal use of a company car, excess life insurance provided, or family members on insurance.
  2. Consider year-end bonuses for employees – Yes, bonuses can become an entitlement, but it’s still a nice time to say thanks for a job well done. Whether you’d like to provide a turkey at Thanksgiving or a cash bonus at Christmas, now is the time to plan for that.
  3. Determine tax consequences for S corporation status – Often those who have a S corporation have income flow through to their personal returns. Now is the time to work on that with your accountant and flow the liability through the business.
  4. Plan a year end social event – We know from research that employees want to be connected to one another. You can have a pot luck event at your facility or maybe go bowling as a group – just about anything will work. The key is to get everyone together at a time when work is not the focus.
  5. Consider a way to give back – A reported 85% of employees indicate that working for an organization that is socially responsible is key to their long-term retention. What can you do to show you are supporting the community in a way that is meaningful? How about participating at a local food bank or cleaning up a dog park? In short, support non-profits that your employees care about and, whatever you choose, make it an important part of your culture.
  6. Audit your I-9s – This is the year to be sure your immigration compliance obligations are up to date. Be sure you have a correctly completed I-9 on every employee, and you have purged the documents you no longer need.
  7. Revise your employee handbook – The new year is a perfect time to review what you have been doing and how that is represented in the handbook. Your handbook needs to be up to date if it’s to be enforceable.
  8. Review and finalize your OSHA 300 log – Your log should be current at all times, but we all miss things. Now is the time to review and be sure you’ve recorded all workplace illnesses and injuries.

And then there are documents. ..

Here are some of the things to think about updating for the new year:

  • New hire tax forms (you don’t need them for current employees)
  • Posters – are there changes to federal or state regulations?
  • Employment applications – do you have to comply with ban-the-box or gender regulations?
  • Create holiday calendar for the new year

Year end is a hectic time, but also a great time to review what you’ve been doing and need to do for the next year. There are several HR processes that will impact tax filing for your organization, you as an owner, and your employees, so take action now.

Lori Kleiman is an HR speaker and facilitator with 30+ years of experience as a Human Resources consultant and entrepreneur running HR departments of all sizes. She is the author of HR Hacks:  Tools, Tips and Templates to Tackle HR without Reinventing the Wheel. For more on HR, including weekly updates, visit her website hrtopics.com.