Every Day Safety: Heat Stress Protection
June 2, 2017
Deadline Extended for Annual Pet Services Financial Survey
June 13, 2017

Fast Bites (June 12, 2017)

Thank you to everyone who helped make our inaugural Pet Care Services Business Education Week such a success. Close to 200 of you registered for the free webinars and we could not be more pleased. We are planning on a “second annual” event next year, but aiming for earlier in the year before summer busy season hits. Stay tuned!

Heard of “whisker fatigue”? Interesting article in the New York Times last week on this theory behind feline eating issues. From the article: “Whisker fatigue is a fairly new diagnosis, one that many (but not all) veterinarians take seriously. When cats have to stick their faces into deep bowls and their whiskers rub up against the sides, the experience can be stressful, prompting them to paw the food onto the floor, fight with other cats or grow apprehensive at mealtimes.” Read the entire piece on nytimes.com.

And one more from the New York Times…Are Pets the New Probiotic?” Are those mud-tracking, poop-rolling balls of fur keeping us healthy? Interesting article.

Speaking of pets and eating, thank you to everyone who has already participated in our informal survey on pet food – LOTS of interesting and insightful input! We’re closing the survey on Thursday (June 15th), so if you haven’t participated yet, there’s still time. Take the 4-question survey here: ibpsa.com/pet-food-survey.

Great seeing IBPSA Member Kasey Litt, CPACP, profiled in the “Part of the PACCC” series. Good luck to all of our IBPSA Members who will be taking the PACCC exams starting this week!

Ready to “sharpen the saw” in October? Make it through the summer busy season then join us in October for our Fifth Annual IBPSA Pet Care Services Educational Conference & Trade Show. Perfect opportunity, as we were reminded in this “12 Reasons to Attend a Conference“, to take a break from the “work” of your work to sharpen your skills. A dull axe won’t cut down a tree like a sharp one. Don’t hack away while your competition slices through! Join us for cutting edge education and loads of inspiration. Early Bird rates in June 22nd!