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April 10, 2017
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April 14, 2017

The National Pet Owner Preferences Study Released

Independent survey of more than 650 pet owners about their experience with pet boarding, pet sitting services and apps, and veterinary services gets “inside the head” of pet parents

April 12, 2017 – Why do pet owners make certain pet care decisions? The National Pet Owner Preferences Study, just released by the International Boarding & Pet Services Association (IBPSA), reveals why “pet parents” spend their money on pet boarding, pet sitting services and apps, and veterinary services. The professional trade association teamed with Merck Animal Health to commission the study of 652 pet owners to go beyond  the usual “how much” did pet owners spend to get to the “why” they make certain spending decisions.  The study revealed that reputation, recommendation, and certification all play key roles in pet care decisions.

“Understanding why pet owners make certain decisions provides invaluable insight for pet care business owners,” said Carmen Rustenbeck, Founder & CEO of IBPSA. “We make big business decisions based on what we think the pet owner wants, but this survey reveals what the pet owner thinks.”

The 100+ page study, based on independent research conducted by Researchscape International, includes detailed analysis of the survey results. The following are just a few of the study highlights:

  • The top considerations for selecting a boarding facility were safety and security and overall reputation
  • Before deciding on a boarding facility or pet sitter, half of the respondents determined if the facility or sitter was certified and trained in caring for pets, including in emergency situations
  • Eight out of ten survey respondents put very to extremely important value on vaccination requirements at boarding facilities
  • Most pet owners surveyed discovered their pet sitter by recommendation of a family member, friend or neighbor, while the least common way was online

“Even as finding pet care becomes easier thanks to technology and growing competition, this study reinforces the importance to ‘pet parents’ of providing high-quality, professional pet care,” said Rustenbeck.

The National Pet Owner Preferences Study is now available for purchase via the IBPSA website at

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