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May 18, 2016
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June 3, 2016

Is Your State Next? Pet Boarding Facilities Legislative Update


California Senate Bill 945 passed the Senate on Monday and now moves to the Assembly. The proposed law seeks to regulate pet boarding facilities defined in the bill as “any lot, building, structure, enclosure, or premises whereupon four or more dogs, cats, or other pets in any combination are boarded for compensation.” The bill establishes specific procedures for “the care and maintenance of pets boarded at a pet boarding facility, including, but not limited to, sanitation, provision of enrichment devices, health of the pet, and safety.”

Because the measures called for in this bill as written could put serious financial burdens on pet boarding facilities, while also failing to actually achieve improved safety for pets due to a lack of industry knowledge and guidance, IBPSA, as the professional trade association for the pet care services industry, has been providing input to the California legislators. While the efforts of IBPSA and other stakeholders have resulted in some changes to the bill*, the lack of a large membership behind our message has made efforts on behalf of the pet care services industry challenging.

And these pending regulations are not just impacting California. As noted in our last Legislative Update, a state representative in South Carolina has promised to introduce a similar bill later this year. Is your state next?

Our IBPSA member numbers are growing, but for a multi-billion dollar industry to truly have an impact, our voice must be a collective one. And a big one. IBPSA membership has never been more important as our industry faces increased regulations put into place with good intentions but without good intel. IBPSA is absolutely committed to pet safety. Pets aren’t just a livelihood for most people in this industry, they are a passion. They are beloved family members and their safety is paramount. It’s why IBPSA offers our members safety programs and ongoing safety education. Make sure your clients know you’re a proud IBPSA member, and what that means, and encourage more pet boarding facilities to join us and our cause.

Together, we are stronger…and pets are safer. Not an IBPSA member? Why not join us today? JOIN NOW

* An earlier version of this blog contained a confusing sentence. To clarify: IBPSA was not involved with the change of the number of pets from 2 to 4 as part of the pet boarding facility definition. It was meant to show an example of a variety stakeholders involved, versus one cohesive voice from the pet care services industry by way of a powerful membership. The 2 to 4 change was made before we were able to be heard.

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