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The IBPSA team answers questions at AAHA.

The IBPSA team recently took part in the WVC and AAHA veterinary trade shows. We wanted to spread the word about pet boarding and daycare as additional revenue streams for veterinary practices that could also help bring in new veterinary clients. We were thrilled by the enthusiastic reception we received from veterinarians and practice managers, eager to learn more about our neck of the pet care industry. The following are the most common questions we were asked, along with our answers.

How is the client different when they bring their dog in for boarding or daycare?
Maybe the best way to think of it is how you feel about going to the doctor versus going to a hotel. When a client brings their pet in for boarding or daycare they want playtime, exercise, grooming, and cuddling for their furry family member. Lots of personal attention! And the great thing is they’re willing to pay for these additional services. You’re not just providing a safe place for their pet to stay; you’re providing a total experience. In a 2015 Harris Poll, 45% of pet owners said they have frequently or occasionally bought birthday presents for their pets. You can bet they want those pets cuddled.

Are there standards, certifications, and/or accreditation for pet boarding and daycare facilities?
Today’s reality in the pet care services industry – other than veterinary services, of course – is that it is mostly unregulated, so the difference in employee certification is dramatic. Further, there is not currently a university level program for the pet care services provider, so education comes from on the job training and an educational association such as IBPSA. We are the only trade association serving the pet boarding and daycare industry, and we do provide animal-specific certification programs for the individual pet care providers, plus safety certification for the entire pet care facility.

If our veterinary practice employees are already educated when it comes to animal care, what kind of education does IBPSA provide that we would need?
For your practice managers and owner/operators, we provide monthly free educational webinars that discuss the business-side of running a successful pet boarding and/or daycare facility. Guest experts cover topics including finance, KPIs (key performance indicators), management techniques, facility design, OSHA standards, HR concerns, marketing, and more. Also, keep in mind, your pet boarding business may have different staffing needs, separate from your practice, and you want to make sure those staff know the basic standards for care in a boarding facility. We offer certifications in that regard based on species – canine, feline, avian, small and mammal/exotic.

What if I haven’t started the process yet to expand into pet boarding and day care, can IBPSA help get me started?
Yes! We offer member-exclusive resources that range from initial design to financial assessments, all the way through education and marketing this exciting new part of your business. Our annual conference is also a can’t-miss opportunity to stay on the cutting edge of pet boarding and daycare.

Have more questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask! We also invite you to join IBPSA today and start receiving the resources, tools, and support you need to launch and grow a successful pet boarding and daycare facility.