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July 4, 2012
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September 16, 2014

An Original Recipe Revisted

Hello Again Readers! The cooking magazine clean up is still in progress and the pile of recipes (that I am sure I will cook – one day) continues to grow. This Holiday Season I wanted to use a recipe that I had found last year but finding that recipe was a challenge.

  I searched through my pile of recipes but could not find this one recipe. Regret is what came next….if I had left the recipes in the magazines I would have been able to find it! After all I did remember what the magazine cover looked like……my idea – “to save space and reorganize” isn’t working out as well as I had hoped.

So now you are asking what this story has to do with Pet Care. Lets revisit our last conversation when I asked the question “Do your employees know what the higher goal is”.

In the article “The Therapist at the Table”, Mr. Feiler discovers in the “new hire” meeting that there is only “one reason” this restaurant is in business. The owner states “To create raves for the people with whom we have transactions”. The owner then goes one step further and defines a “rave”. When the customer is asked “How was everything?” “Fine” is not a rave.

So for his employees the “one reason” or “higher goal” is to create “raves” from every customer. What is your “one reason” that you own and or operate a pet care business? This should have been the first line in the dreaded document called “Business Plan”.

Do your employees know what that “one reason” is? How does your employee training programs, facility safety programs and services to your customer reinforce your “one reason”? That reason becomes the “higher goal” that your company is striving to achieve.

Back to my one reason “to save space and reorganize”…..

Saving Space – Definitely!     Reorganized? a work in progress…..

Next time we will discuss how technology helped this restaurant owner reach his goal.