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November 7, 2011
Build A Spending Plan OR Purchase A Shovel Today For The Poop That Will Come Tomorrow
November 29, 2011

Pet Care Services Bankrupted, Now What? Fertilizer!

Let’s just get this all out on the table. Bankruptcy makes picking up dog poop a dream job. Nobody really wants to pick up dog poop, but the dogs appreciate the clean yard and you may just get a doggy kiss or two as you go about cleaning up the yard.

Bankruptcy however is a different story. All other options appear to have been exhausted and there isn’t enough money to keep the business alive.  Nobody wants to file bankruptcy but once the deed is done – poop is in the picture but not from the doggies and no kisses are to be found.

ABKA dba PCSA filed bankruptcy earlier this year and there are a lot of members who felt and maybe still feel disenfranchised and just down right angry. Many of you have contacted us thinking that we were the proverbial phoenix that had risen from the ashes. There are those of you who have contacted us and have been very open with your feelings about the bankruptcy. Some of you have told us that you were not ready to join another association at this time – you were going to “wait and see”. Then there are those of you who just wanted to be part of the community of Pet Care Service Providers and were happy that IBPSA was out there, “a place for you to land”.

I wanted to give you my perspective on this bankruptcy and dog poop. First I was saddened when I heard that the bankruptcy had happened. Second I was angry that an organization of such history had come to such a humble ending. And thirdly, I hurt for the membership, many of whom were founding members and the founder, James Krack, those founding members supported in the early years.

But all was not lost as I took a page from a company in Colorado. EnviroWagg picks up dog poop around the Denver area, creates fertilizer from it, and then sends it back to Denver for resale. Lots of poop was piling up from the bankruptcy and some clean up needed to happen. IBPSA listened to those of you who chose to open up to us and share your story, anger, perspective, and opinions. Now we would like to share with you how we are recycling all those feelings and ideas and how we are using it as fertilizer to grow a better association.

When making fertilizer the idea is to get rid of the toxins and keep the rest. We started listing some toxins, and how to mitigate them, if not rid ourselves of them. Anger – first on the list to go – being angry does not allow for positive change because we’re angry – Gone. Blame – second on the list to go – looking for someone to blame in a membership organization always brings frustration as everyone is pointing fingers – frustration blocks creative thinking – Gone. Sadness is only a toxin if we focus on it and not on moving forward despite our disappointment. I’m still sad but I have reached back to the moments I spent with ABKA’s Founder and have found inspiration for the future.

We may never know the whole story as it relates to PCSA’s bankruptcy – but we can take the good things that came from that association and move forward with a new vision. Now it’s your turn. Are there toxins that are standing in the way of your business life and, quite frankly, keeping you from having a positive relationship with an association and/or another business? It’s time to clean out those toxins.

Come visit us next week when we will continue our discussion on what lessons we learned and how those lessons can be applied to your business.