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February 10, 2011
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November 8, 2011

Dogs Changing Lives

Today, I would like to introduce you to a great program for our military who suffer from PTSD. Penny’s From Heaven: Train A Dog – Save A Warrior. We all have witnessed the contribution that dogs have made in the lives of individuals who suffer from a physical restriction. These dogs have the uncanny ability to know exactly how to take care of us when we are in need. Now, we are discovering that dogs can help us overcome mental distress and disease. PTSD has symptoms ranging from migraine headaches to suicidal thoughts. The disease can be very debilitating to those who are suffering. It is sometimes difficult for those suffering from PTSD to speak with family and friends for fear of the reaction one will get from them. However, a dog always loves to be with you no matter your mood, physical or mental condition. To see these animals being used to help with PTSD is amazing.

As the spouse of a retired military vet, I was drawn to this program. After discussions with the IBPSA staff, we decided that we would like to become a part of helping these men and women who have given so much for our country. We will donate $10 dollars to this program for every IBPSA Membership purchased this year. It takes $2500 to train one dog to help a Wounded Warrior. So join us today and help make a difference in someone’s life.

Some of you reading this might be saying, “Carmen, we would love to donate, however we are not in the pet care services business. How can we help?”. Click on this link and learn how you can donate directly to this wonderful program.

~ Carmen