We are very excited to introduce the new IBPSA Member badge. Not only do the badges have an updated look, they will also provide your clients with information on what being an IBPSA Member means. They will know you abide by a Code of Conduct and that you are committed to continuing education, best practices, and the highest standards.

Your Member badge is available via your IBPSA Member dashboard under “My Account” tab, then choose “Membership” then choose “view” which is in blue on that page. There, you will find the code to insert into your website and – tah dah – the badge will magically appear. The badge will also automatically update on your site to read 2017, 2018, etc., each year you renew your membership. The badge is sized at 150×150 pixels and when visitors hover over it they will read what it means to be an IBPSA Member.

Below demonstrates what the badge looks like before the visitor has hovered (left) and after (right).

If you have any questions about your badge, please contact membership@ibpsa.com.