Official IBPSA Badge: Your Symbol of Excellence

We are proud to present the official IBPSA badge, a digital symbol of your commitment to excellence in the pet care industry. This badge is available for you to showcase on your website, social media profiles, and marketing materials. By displaying this badge, you not only highlight your affiliation with IBPSA but also communicate your dedication to the highest standards of professionalism.

A digital badge is more than just a visual image or logo. Rather, it is a dynamic portable icon that is embedded with qualifying information indicating that you are an IBPSA member in good standing. By attaching the correct, coded link to your annual badge, the information confirming your active membership can be authenticated and verified by the viewer.

The IBPSA Member Badge allows current and potential clients to verify your membership. They will know that you abide by a Code of Conduct and that you are committed to continuing education, best practices, and the highest standards.

Digital badges are secure and verifiable, thus protecting the integrity of your IBPSA membership.

Please note that use of the IBPSA Association logo is not approved for use on members’ websites, nor does it convey membership in IBPSA.

Below is a sample IBPSA Member badge, along with a sample of the verifying certificate that is viewable upon clicking the badge link.

Each member of IBPSA is issued a badge via our  third-party program, BadgeCert. Upon issuance by IBPSA, you will receive an email from BadgeCert with instructions on using your digital badge. If your membership expires, your digital badge will change color and indicate your lapsed status. IBPSA updates the badges annually, and this process will be automatic if the digital badge has been used correctly.

If you have any questions, please contact