Introducing the AdaptivEdge Readiness Survey

IBPSA is excited to introduce you to the AdaptivEdge Readiness Survey, a groundbreaking program designed to assess and enhance the capability, confidence, and readiness of your team members to meet the responsibilities of their job. By delivering Confidence-based Adaptive Learning (CAT), this unique learning platform can yield an array of benefits for your business, from stronger team performance to cost savings and reductions in training time of up to 60%.

What is Adaptive Learning?

Adaptive learning is an interactive training approach that uses technology to tailor learning content and learning experience to the needs of individuals through learning pathways, effective feedback, and access to supplemental resources at the point of need, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all curriculum (Kurt, 2021). Employees receive an individualized learning plan (ILP) targeted to their specific needs, strengths, and learning preferences, with a goal of enhancing efficiency, engagement, and ultimately improving outcomes.

How Does It Work?

Unlike traditional “pick one” tests, the AdaptivEdge Readiness Survey is a powerful training tool that measures users’ current knowledge and levels of confidence, helping to identify areas for improvement and support your team’s ongoing development. This versatile platform is equipped with a wide range of features designed to assess task and job readiness and identify your staff’s current and future training needs.

Here are some ways in which you can harness the power of the Readiness Survey:


Incorporate the Readiness Survey into your primary learning programs to help staff members evaluate their readiness levels. This is especially valuable when training new hires, as it allows you to leverage their existing knowledge, thereby reducing training time, material usage, and costs.

Introduction to Training and Training Experience and Measurement

Utilize the Readiness Survey Before, During, After Model (BDA) to reinforce training, enhance knowledge retention, and determine effectiveness training delivery.

Re-skilling, Cross-training, and Up-skilling

Provide learning paths within the company for individuals seeking new job or career opportunities, cover work/tasks during labor shortages or scheduling gaps, and foster continuous skill development, thereby enabling employees to grow into their roles.

Ongoing Associate Development & Advancement Preparation

Support associates by crafting individualized learning plans and identifying and addressing knowledge gaps.

Internal Trainer Training & Certification

Formalize your internal trainer training and certification processes.

Facility Certifications:

Integrates with IBPSA’s Risk Management & Facility Safety Certification, Species-Specific Training, and Infectious Disease Certification.

What Does the Readiness Survey Measure?

The AdaptivEdge Readiness Survey measures both a current state of knowledge and level of confidence to determine overall readiness for tasks and challenges in a given role. It provides a holistic view of the team’s capabilities and what individuals specifically need.

How the Readiness Survey Benefits Your Team

The Readiness Survey is a valuable tool that helps your team gain insights into their strengths and areas for improvement. It identifies knowledge gaps and uncertainties, enhancing self-awareness and empowering employees to take responsibility for their learning and professional development. With the completed survey information, an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) provides development feedback and links to relevant performance support materials and learning activities.

Time and Labor Savings

By using the Readiness Survey, you can significantly reduce time and labor associated with training. For candidates or new hires with solid job experience, training time can be reduced by up to 60%. Even for those with part-time experience, you can achieve reductions of 20% to 30%, depending on the extent of a new hire’s experience.

Developing Employees Effectively

The Readiness Survey enables effective employee development by facilitating skill development, cross-training, re-skilling, and up-skilling through targeted learning plans designed to close performance gaps. This empowers your business to provide more learning opportunities and allows employees to take on additional responsibilities or roles.


The AdaptivEdge Readiness Survey and process are powerful tools that can help identify knowledge gaps, training needs, and areas of overconfidence among your team members. By integrating the survey’s insights and employing principles like Spaced Repetition and Retrieval, you can drive continuous learning, improve performance, provide clear career paths, and support your team’s growth and success.

Make the most of the AdaptivEdge Readiness Survey and unlock the potential for enhanced performance and professional development within your organization. Join us in advancing your team’s readiness and capabilities with this innovative program.

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Disclaimer: The effectiveness of the Readiness Survey results may vary based on individual circumstances, organizational needs, training and management support. Results are based on data and analysis available up to the knowledge cutoff date.