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New rules on Hazards Communication (HAZCOM) from OSHA go into effect June 1, 2016. Our upcoming IBPSA members-only educational webinars (3 different date options) will help make sure you have the specific training and information you need to be prepared. Don’t put your business at risk!

Did you know that OSHA now has over 2,200 inspector who, in 2014, issued 36,163 citations plus state inspectors issued an additional 47,127 citations. The #2 most issued violation? HAZCOM.

Would you be ready for an OSHA inspection?

Did you know that OSHA fined an employer in New Jersey $308,000 for not reporting a broken leg hospitalization within 24 hours and, while investigating that accident, they found 44 additional violations including electrical and machine guarding?

Has your staff received HAZCOM training?

Don’t miss this special one-hour educational webinar presented by expert Ben Day for IBPSA Members Only. Not a member? JOIN NOW.